Federal Ministry of Environment jobs in Nigeria today 2013

Federal Ministry of Environment jobs in Nigeria today

The Federal Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is presently executing a Project on Mainstreaming Sound Management of Chemicals into MDG Based Development Plans and Policies.

The sound management of chemicals (SMC) in Nigeria is essential for achieving sustainable development, including the eradication of poverty and disease, the improvement of human health and the environment and the elevation of standard of living. The overall Project objective is to impact the average Nigerian involved in various aspects of the chemical life-cycle; while bringing coherence and synergy into the Nigerian chemicals management infrastructure with the integration of chemicals safety into national development projects and programmes targeted at poverty reduction and sustainable development.





-          Implement comments received on draft situation report from stakeholders and present the final situation report

-          Design a national chemical management situation report that provides information on the degree of integration of SMC into national development planning

-          Provide specific opportunities and priorities to address gaps in the national SMC regime and other major chemical management problems and opportunities

-          Provide developed concept papers to stakeholders (ICM) for inputs

-          Provision of a draft national Situation report is 8 weeks from commencement date.

-          Perform a comprehensive desk review of relevant legal frameworks, policies, studies, researches and reports in the area of SMC

-          In conjunction with constituted sector teams, conduct research to identify gaps in the national SMC governance regime

-          Develop basis for the identification of highest priorities for SMC actions

-          Draft National SMC report

-          Implement the review of draft national SMC report by Stakeholders



-          At least a master’s degree in environmental law, environment chemistry, chemistry or public health and other related sciences

-          Accreditation with the Federal Ministry of Environment as an Environmental Consultant

-          Proficient with the background and implementation of various international treaties, programs and initiatives applicable to chemicals, including the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)

-          Understanding in developing National Profiles on Chemicals Management

-          Familiarity with the environmental and chemicals issues, including priorities in environmental problems and management system

-          Knowledge working with Federal and State authorities

-          Understanding of environmental and health management capacity, professionals and stakeholders at the national and state level

-          Experience in implementation of other environmental projects and working in team





-          Build Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework for each of the SMC priorities that will be the subject of economic analysis

-          Quantitative assessment of the costs and benefits of action or inaction to address each of identified priority SMC issue

-          Investigate studies on policy instrument options to enable government action on identified priorities

-          Give input for one day workshop for the main project stakeholders

-          Investigate the economic analysis framework

-          Give awareness among government officials about and produce comments on the major benefits and costs that are identified in the framework

-          Provide comments on and revise an needed major assumptions in the framework

-          Build possible solutions to major data gaps anticipated by the framework, including identifying by whom and when data gaps will be filled if possible

-          Integrate comments received on draft from the target stakeholders and present the final version of the assessment

-          Update the Issue Concept Papers with the results of the economic and policy analysis

-          Provide the results to finance and planning ministries and political leaders in an economic language that they are accustomed to working with

-          Gather all relevant existing cost material related to National Environmental Strategy and Action Plan. Identify best opportunities to influence national development process

-          Build mainstreaming road map

-          Help in identification of co-funding sources

-          Design a resource mobilization proposal on national priorities that have been mainstreamed for Government, to obtain necessary funding to address these national priorities.



-          BSC or Advanced Degree in finance, economy, environmental economics, or other relevant fields, Education in chemicals/waste management, environment protection is  a plus

-          At least 5 years of experience in finance, economy, environmental economics, environmental protection or chemicals/waste management or other relevant fields;

-          Excellent abilities in developing quantitative cost-benefit assessment in chemicals/waste areas or other relevant area

-          Proficiency with the background and implementation of various international treaties, programs and initiatives applicable to chemicals, including SAICM.

-          Proficiency with the international environmental and chemicals issues, including priority environmental problems management system

-          Excellent communication and writing skill

-          Experience of work in teams and developing resource mobilization proposals.





-          Technical guidance to the National SMC team on international practices on sound management of chemicals

-          Implement a monitoring system for implemented actions to determine their relative success and cost-effectiveness

-          Assist country’s request and facilitate regional and sub-regional discussions and interactions and in preparation for relevant multilateral events and processes.



-          Advanced degree in environment, economics, development or a closely related field.

-          At least 10 yrs of work experience, preferably including support to government through policy and strategic in Interventions

-          Excellent understanding of climate change adaptation and development

-          Technical knowledge of the implications of climate change on development, finance, environment and other relevant fields is critical.


METHOD OF APPLICATION for the Federal Ministry of Environment jobs in Nigeria today

Quote the reference number of the position on the cover letters and resume and send to:


The Director,

Department of Pollution Control & Environmental Health,

Federal Ministry of Environment,

14, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja.


ATTENTION: National Coordinator (Mainstreaming SMC Project)

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